We are the leading public commercial fighter simulator developper and producing company in the world, we have installed simulatores in Germany, Italy, France, Cypres, Luxemburg, Spain and Denmark.

We have produced simulator and addon software since 2004.

F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10c Warthog and now F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

What you get

F-35 shell build by wood and PVC

Inner Panel sides by Acrylic

Center console by aluminum frame and Acrylic

Center Panorama Display (touchscreen)

Slide-Throttle with stepper-motor for auto movement

Rudder pedals is “off the shelf” (Logitech preferred)

Side stick base by aluminum

Panels by Acrylic (backlight)

Speaker system

Instructor touchscreen

Instructor PC (also driving PFD)

Instructor software

Main PC (Systemsoftware and PFD installed)

180 dg Surround Display by clear Special painted Acrylic

3 HD projector - Benq W1080 (or similar)

Projector stands by wood

All wires for plug’n’play


- the complete quote and sales condition is send to you on request.

F35 Simulator

This is not a Lockheed Martin Product

we only produce simulator hardware.

Tel: +45 2424 4169

E-mail: sales@f35simulator.com